Digital Transformation

NextGen provides retained executive search in DX technology

including cloud computing, big data visualization, IoT data, Ai

and machine learning to enable higher productivity and enable

workforces an teams to more collaboration, reduce COGS,

and elevate customer experience. 

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Digital Transformation

​With a background in Ai, IoT, cyber security, and SaaS, our executive search consultants are deeply engaged with SMB to large conglomerates in advising and staffing of “A players” in critical roles.  

We build successful leaders and teams that develop DX applications, platforms, and services that elevate workforces and CE including hospitality and casinos, retail and ecommerce, law enforcement, smart cities, industrial manufacturing, aviation, sporting, and events. 

Charles Moore provides a solid 25+ years of history in retained executive search. Charles recruits C-level executives and VP / Director functional leaders for clients in mobile networks, wireless infrastructure, digital transformation, IoT data and devices. Known for unearthing potential candidates other search firms cannot find.