Leadership Performance Review


While “A players”, who produce 8x to 10x
more than “B players: are born with those
traits. Effective leaders are made by a
combination of a refusal to lose, drive to
succeed, entrepreneurial thought process,
and the ability to sell their ideas and develop


They develop these skills throughout their
career of both accomplishments and failures.
If you want to elevate team productivity and
elevate customer experience, a 360 degrees
leadership performance review plan that is
effective and proven to work.


C-levels and functional leaders who know
what they need to do can gain a balanced
view of this from their direct reports,
peers and managers.

360 Leadership Performance Review

Traditional 360s have a poor reputation. Often long-winded and data heavy, they finish without clear direction as what to do next. NextGen’s 360 Leadership Performance Review showcase what a leader does well and encourage them to develop areas that they find more challenging. Leaders find this approach to be a positive experience and therefore are more likely to embrace the process.

Reviewers (direct reports, peers & managers) find the process simple to use and are therefore more likely to complete the 360 survey swiftly. You gain relevant insight into how those leaders behave against eight core competencies, a more efficient and effective experience.

NextGen 360 Leadership Performance Review

 How it Works for your Success

You can’t afford to waste time with unwieldy, complicated leadership development tools that don’t provide results. Your company, investors, and the leaders that inspire your teams deserve. We don’t rely on a numeric rating scheme that’s divorced from real-world experiences. Here’s how it works:


  • offers rapid completion, taking only 12 minutes including comments
  • leverages 8 great leadership competencies
  • provides a more readily understandable technique for applying behavioral change by using a simple ‘do more of, do less of, and keep the same’ indicator 
  • generates a concise report that gives a clear path of action empowering leaders to hone their skills

Let’s Talk about Leadership

Stop wasting your time with overly complex, unwieldy 360° surveys and their reports.

Let the NextGen 360 Leadership Performance Review be your pathway to more concise and actionable insights and greater success.