Productizing AI technologies developed to augment human abilities; expertise in applied Machine / Deep Learning, Deep Learning & NLP. Has grown multiple successful tech companies in Silicon Valley over 18 years; extensive intercultural / cross-functional management exp.

Candidate Title

CPO mid-cap OR potential CEO startup


Artificial Intelligence

Accomplishments and Career Highlights

Took a hardware solution and refocused to a cyber security SaaS designed to protect critical infrastructure; refined GTM strategies utilizing big data and applied AI including filing own patent for virtual mesh network for IoT, self-driving vehicles, and smart cities.

Designed set of tools to manage lifecycle from device deployment, OTA updates to automatic quarantine. Managed full lifecycle of front end of AI platform that supports natural communication with context management between objects and devices enabling applications to model human communication and intelligence.

Designed and led a new AI portal dedicated to Customer Service and Conversational commerce allowing nontechnical business teams to create, train, manage and control their own AI agents. Prior CPO for autonomous vehicles in embedded and NLP architecture.

Customers have ranged from F500 to SMB in Fintech, Retail, Transport, Automotive, IoT and Robotics.

P&L, Budgets, or Sales Performance

Managed up to 20 Direct Reports including both onshore in SV and offshore Eastern Europe. This includes AI, UI/UX, and NLP engineers plus project managers and pre/post sales support.
P&L up to $2.5M.

Relevant Skills and Experiences

Track record of envisioning AI centered products focused in customer solutions. Has devised profitable Go-To-Market strategies. Created effective partnerships with stakeholders. Has led technical H2MI and UX teams globally. Expertise includes streamline and automate business operations. Forward thinking and calculated risk management.

Several presentations and business plans to Board and investors. Built from ground up and successfully sold a digital company at $3.5m revenues. Co-founded 2 industry leading AI focused online portals.

Specialized in productizing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies for people first in mind. Bilingual English and French.

Depth of Industry Contacts & Relationships

Mentors and peers include Chief AI officers, CEOs, and SVPs at VC backed and publicly traded companies.

Customers include CEOs of health tech startups, Ai and robotics, industrial manufacturers new to IIoT; banking and automotive. Relationships for these range from CEO to CTO, SVP, and Head of Groups.

Education and Certifications

MA Marketing.

Several certifications in deep learning, NLP, cognitive architecture, AI product management, AI design research and executive leadership development from one of top engineering schools in USA.

Personality Attributes and AI-based Predictive Performance

Personality profile is a Pioneer type. Extremely competitive and goal-oriented, can be forceful in resolving uncertainties. Restless, driving, energetic; works well under pressure and enjoys working to tight deadlines. Likes situations where has some freedom to think / make decisions. Tending to be logical, likely to think through a problem, weigh the pros and cons, and therefore save errors.

Leadership style

Highly results oriented with an assertive, commanding leadership style. Very focused and unwavering in the desire to achieve; steps up to take charge. Demonstrates the strong leadership characteristics required to face challenging situations.

Energetic and hard driving, responds quickly, cultivating a fast-paced, change-oriented workplace.

Adopts a loosely structured leadership approach to getting things done, delegating and accepting different opinions.

Promotes internal competition and sets genuinely ambitious, challenging goals. Risk taker who makes it happen and embraces opportunities to shape change.

Often restrains innate sense of urgency with the recognition that the quick fix may not always be the best solution. Takes a somewhat innovative approach to change so long as procedures are set in place to ensure a successful roll-out.

Sets direction and maintains control of fast-paced presentation, imparting a sense of urgency to achieve desired outcome. Big picture approach focused on the objective; doggedly persistent; not afraid to try new approaches if rejected.

Type of Opportunity Open to:


Looking for a challenging role as an executive in a fast-paced organization seeking
an entrepreneurial mindset to bring their AI technologies to production and to market successfully. Ideal culture would be transparent, smart, dynamic, diverse and remote friendly.

Series A startup between 25-100 people. Or enterprise level allowing for a AI lab or a mini “startup like” division that will bring innovation and optimization to the group. Travel: 20% maximum

Location Current & Preferred

South Bay from Palo Alto to Santa Clara (excluding East Bay. Can also be based form Paris (no relocation expense to employer for that one) and open to paid relocation to Europe or Asia (Singapore, Japan, Australia (no China).

Compensation Desired

Base: $250k with 30% variable MBOs and equity if pre-IPO in the 2% area.

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