Unique combination of technical and business acumen, rare combination of innovative mindset and operations / P&L experience; has built multiple IOT businesses grounds-up.

Candidate Title



IoT Data, Devices, Networks

Accomplishments and Career Highlights

Current role exceeded MBOs; jump-started the entire group grounds-up to incubate new machine /deep learning work streams from concept to production. Developed lifecycle and roadmap of new initiatives. Led strategy, product management, and engineering.

Prior as GM for IoT Connected Portfolio for Tier 1 chipset manufacturer, wrote the business plan; secured seed funding; ran pilots to secure series A funding; then scaled the PaaS business. Also has experience in managing the environmental air quality IoT sensors business.

P&L, Budgets, or Sales Performance

P&L has ranged from $62M to $750m annually- total in career over $3b in annual revenues. Has managed teams ranging from 35 to 1000 including Product Managers, RF Engineers, IoT and AI architects, and Data scientists

Relevant Skills and Experiences

Consistently delivered exceptional results while driving company growth. Cross-functional experience across multiple domains and strong problem-solving ability. Hands-on results-oriented innovative leader managing multiple product lifecycles.
Has always exceed expectation at every senior executive role in last 24 years by establishing solid business plans, attaining approval for business opportunities.

Led concept to production for end to end IOT business and other devices manufacturing opportunities in less than 8 months by identifying ecosystem partners to get to market, handling marketing and launch, created and managed salesforce training.

Leverages design thinking to understand the challenges in the organization and suggest options; establishes state of the business quarterly updates, and ensures the adoption of the changes.

Depth of Industry Contacts & Relationships

Solid relationships with C-levels and internal groups as well as external customer engineering and C-level decision makers, Instrumental in developing and presenting business plans that resulted in seed funding and Series A and C funding.

Education and Certifications

MSCS with MBA. Has 4 patents in distributed networks and wireless routing.

Personality Attributes and AI-based Predictive Performance

Leverages design thinking to understand the challenges in the organization and suggest options; establishes state of the business quarterly updates and ensures the adoption of the changes.

Extremely competitive and goal-oriented, forceful in resolving uncertainties; very energetic and hard driving with a strong sense of urgency and is quick to respond to emergency situations. Very independent, persistent and decisive, is self-reliant, resolute and determined; sociable and outgoing, understands people, sees their points of view and gets along well with others.

Leadership Profile

Responds with quick solutions, cultivating a fast-paced, change-oriented workplace. Adopts an unstructured approach to getting things done, delegating the particulars, willing to look outside the box for answers and opportunities. Naturally outgoing and persuasive, prefers to adopt a more participative leadership approach.

With a strong focus on winning, promotes internal competition and sets genuinely ambitious, challenging goals. Influences those around to immediate action.

Completely self-assured, resourceful problem solver who knows that delay could mean lost opportunities and is quick to rush in to deal with situations while they are hot.

Focuses on the big picture - searching out inventive solutions and unafraid to make decisions that rock the boat, if necessary.

In leading change, as a risk taker who makes it happen, embraces opportunities to shape change. Innovative approach, comfortable with putting a non-traditional spin on things. Sees the positive side of things and presents this viewpoint to the team, involving them in the change process and addressing their concerns early on.

Type of Opportunity Open to:


Utilize experiences and accomplishments for a CPO or CEO role for a late stage start-up Series A-E, preferably at mid-market cap. Also interested in larger companies if role is high-impact and not embedded in hierarchy. Wants to drive success for an IoT sensor or devices manufacturer, IoT SaaS or PaaS, IoT data analytics, or AI developer needing senior experienced leadership at the helm.

Location Current & Preferred

Bay area ONLY - no relocation

Compensation Desired

Publicly traded $600K Base+Bonus ; Startup - flexible based in equity

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Charles Moore