Artificial Intelligence &

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

NextGen connects daily with the very top players in
this rapidly evolving universe, empowering you to hire
A+ players in autonomous engineering and artificial
intelligence to accomplish undreamed of goals.

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Autonomous Vehicle Technology

​Tesla, Alphabet and Uber are developing self-driving cars, plus many public and private companies are investing in Autonomous R&D, which is attracting record levels of funding. Autonomous car startups lead the charge, closely followed by eVTOL, delivery drones, Urban Air Mobility solutions, mechatronics, and sensor fusion.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence executive search consultants of NextGen recruits senior executives, functional leaders, and key engineering / sales roles in helping clients to enhance their Ai platform development, develop machine learning data science and computer vision imaging, augmented reality, and big data analytics capabilities by placing high impact “A players”.

Artificial Intelligence Retained Search

Martin Cooper has over 25 years of experience finding elusive and uniquely qualified leaders for organizations all over the world. Martin’s strength is in understanding the intangibles that make the connection between candidates and clients so powerful and memorable. Martin specializes in technologies focused on using AI to augment human interactions to produce truly disruptive outcomes. Previous experience includes founding a leading engineering recruitment company

Martin Cooper Retained Search