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Network Function Virtualization – What NFV will do for Operators

NFV Network Function Virtualization is ready to take off. As Dylan would say, the times they are a changin’.  Network Function Virtualization has come to the mobile operator, and according to strategic business advisor Northstream. It will be part of a “natural evolution of existing infrastructures” bringing greater efficiency and lower costs. But the key will […]

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Distributed Power Generation and Distribution MextGen Global Executive Search

Distributed Power Generation Balancing in Evolving Utility Grids

The influence of distributed power generation and other distributed energy resources (DERs) in the modern power grid is undeniable. It seems that electric distribution companies have two options: fight the inevitable rise of DERs or embrace them and benefit from new opportunities. After years of resistance, the time has come to enable the deployment of […]

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IoT medical devices wearables NextGen Global Executive Search

IoT Medical Devices Transform Healthcare with Implants and Wearables

IoT medical devices transform future healthcare changing changing every aspect of our social and professional lives as billions of pervasive devices enable the acquisition of timely and accurate information about our personal context, the data gathering transforms what doctors can do with actionable knowledge The healthcare sector provides an excellent example of the way in […]

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