Ai / data science leader with track record of 2 decades of hands on experience in ML and AI plus theoretical background in mathematics, statistics. Developed cutting edge methods for EA, bioinformatics, micro-services design, scalable cloud.

Candidate Title

Director or Sr. Principal Architect


Artificial Intelligence

Accomplishments and Career Highlights

Senior level architect and leader with working expertise in end-to-end Ai and EA solutions from concept to R&D modeling, design requirements, building platforms, regression testing to cloud based deployments. Led several programs to design and deploy Ai and Cognitive Computing solutions. Has managed both small and large teams for complex projects with two decades of delivery and exceeding expectations.

Developed ATM cash demand forecasting including algorithms considering the regional volatility in financial markets across USA; industry leading Topic Modeling solution for automated text classification of historical data; expert with cloud (AWS / Azure / Google Cloud) with Kubernetes and Docker containers.

Created predictive modeling Ai solution for global shipping and customs that predicted potential smuggling. Authored BI and data mining tools including cutting edge methods in statistics, Ai and ML. Proposed changes for Tensor Flow now being reviewed by the industry.

P&L, Budgets, or Sales Performance

Has managed P&L for $2b and over two dozen projects / programs ranging from $10m to $20m.

Skills, Experience, Depth of External Relationships

Extensive use of IBM Watson AWS, Azure. Strong in optimization of Ai modeling and frameworks. Extensive working knowledge of tools that include Python, R, C, C++, MATLAB, D3JS, Gephi, NodeXL, NodeJS. Has led and mentored teams consisting of front and back end developers and data scientists.

Solid relationships with CEOs / CIOs / CTOs for small to mid-cap companies and government at enterprise OIT and public safety levels) involved in digital transformation, blockchain platforms, CRMs, IoT networks for smart cities, defense / satcom, mobile wallets / payments

Education and Certifications

Has a MSCS, thesis in Artificial Intelligence. Certifications include CISSP, CISM, and PMP.

Type of Opportunity Open to:

Lead product management for IoT vendor building end-to-end solutions using cloud and SaaS architectures. His interest lies in working for well-funded startup with customers and revenues or a mid-cap company looking to scale up.

Current Location and Preferences

Toronto; open to relo CAN / northern US

Compensation Desired

$300k base + 25% bonus, Canadian citizen has worked and lived across USA

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